We will not be holding in-person services until futher notice. Livestream available on YouTube.

Update on COVID-19 and Worship

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Wednesday, March 18

See the latest video update from Pastor Gray here.  Let us know if we can support you during this time by contacting us here.

Friday, March 13

New Valley Family,

What a week! Since early this morning, I have been reading, talking on the phone, texting and gathering as much info as I can on the current situation with COVID-19. There has been a definitive shift in the understanding of your leadership. Even a couple of days ago, nearly all pastors in our networks were planning on having in person, gathered worship services this Sunday. We were ready to have precautions, but not feeling the urgency to cancel services.

As more information about the spread of the virus has become available, we feel that it is most loving thing to our city to encourage you to stay home and watch a livestream version of our worship service. This decision was made earlier today by the elders at New Valley Chandler, and now your downtown elders have discussed and decided to do the same. 

Please know that this was a hard decision and one that we made not out of fear but out of love of neighbor. We do not yet know how this virus will play out, but if it is anything like some experts suggest, then our hospitals could be overwhelmed. What has become clear is how important it is for us to slow the spread of the virus, and that will only happen through minimizing large group interactions. The primary concern is that if we don’t stop the spread of the virus, people who have a compromised immune system and/or the elderly will be at increased risk. They may not be able to receive the medical attention that they need due to our healthcare system being overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases. Out of concern for those most vulnerable people (which includes many people we know and love), we have decided to not host in-person worship, but move to livestream.

For this service, I will be going down to New Valley Chandler and you will likely hear from a number of us pastors at New Valley. It will be at 9AM on Facebook and Youtube. Here are the links:



To access the digital buletin for tomorrow's service, click here.

On Sunday the entire service will be streamed including liturgy, worship, and preaching. Our worship bulletin will be posted to our Youtube channel, as well as the Facebook page, and our website. We will forego the Lord’s supper this week but will figure out ways to have the sacrament if this challenge continues.

We are praying that this temporary suspending of our gathering will increase our love and need for in-person, gathered worship...which is at the heart of our faith. Please be in prayer for our nation and our world.

Peace of Christ,

Pastor Gray

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